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GST return is the detail of all the sales and purchases made along with tax collected or paid. GST lodgement is generally done either on a quarterly or an annual basis. Authorities calculate tax liability based on the filed returns. In the GST filing system, any regular business organisation has to file two monthly returns and one annual return. This amounts to 26 returns in a year. Once you have registered for GST, you must charge GST on your supplies at the prevailing rate except of relevant supplies that are subject to customer accounting. This GST that is charged and collected is known as output tax. Output tax must be paid to the Australia Taxation Office.

As these are complicated financial payments and the complexity increases with the size of your oragnisation, it would be advisable to hire a business advisor to assist you with your varied investments and company tax returns. GKS Taxation is one of the leading accounting firms in Sunshine West with a panel of expert tax accountants, business advisors and chartered accountants who will be able to guide you efficiently and economically through your financial plans. A holistic accounting firm, we also offer services in tax return lodgement, company tax returns, MYOB payroll, tax return accountant services, registered tax agent services, business advisors, bookkeeping services, tax advice and more.

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  1. Ensure that the filings are correct and the data that you have relied upon has adequate backups and supported because it will be required for your GST Audit. Documents are most crucial and ensuring that the data contained in your annual return is complete is very important.
  2. The due date for filing GST return is subject to changes. Keep this additional timeline in mind and prepare accordingly so that we have everything in place.
  3. This annual return allows you to make certain edits. In case your previous return did not have the complete data, you can make certain edits later.
  4. There may be some additional work regarding your input tax credit, which would pertain to categorising your credits according to different buckets – inputs, input services and capital goods. The key, however, is to keep adequate time in preparing this.