Tax Accountants Craigieburn – Company Tax Return & Busines Advisor

A tax advisor or tax consultant is a professional with intensive training and knowledge of taxes and the legal intricacies associated with income. The services of a tax advisor are usually availed to minimise the amount of tax paid while remaining compliant with the law in complicated financial situations. A registered tax agent necessarily gives tax advice on how to manage your income and plan your investments in a manner that you do not lose out on a considerable amount as taxes. Depending on the taxpayer’s occupation, age, and extent of income, the business advisor and services a tax advisor renders will differ. An individual looking for retirement will get different advice from an individual looking to set up a small-scale business. Similarly, a real estate investor will probably have a different tax need from a commodity trader.

GKS Taxing comes with a panel of experienced and skilled tax agents who are adept in an array of fields. They can give you specific and customized advice based on your needs such as profession, gender, industry, income, and investments. We do not have a one-size-fits-all formula but understand that every client comes in with varied needs and hence tax advice required also varies. Apart from these, we also offer services in GST lodgement, tax return lodgement, company tax return filings, MYOB payroll, tax return accountant services, business advisory services, bookkeeping services and more.

How to Find the Right Tax Advisor for tax & Bookkeeping services in Craigieburn

  1. Picking the right tax advisor calls for looking into the work an accounting firm does and the passion they have for their work. Rather than going for firms that cater to numerous clients at a go, opt for one that on-boards fewer clients and cultivates a keen interest in attending to the issues.
  2. Research on the profile of the business advisor you are approaching. Those who have passed out of premier institutes and have experience working with major finance and accounts based organisations are the best option.
  3. An ideal tax advisor should be interested in your finances and should strive to derive a 360-degree view of your cash flows. Look for someone who asks questions rather than just abiding by what you say alone.

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